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Item Level Upgrades

In the vast and captivating world of Mu Online, players constantly seek to strengthen their characters and equip them with the most formidable gear. One of the most sought-after achievements is upgrading items to the coveted +15 level, which unlocks immense power and enhances the effectiveness of equipment. This can be accomplished through the Chaos Machine, a mystical device that holds the key to ascending items to new heights.


To embark on the journey of upgrading items to +15, players must first gather the necessary materials. The primary ingredients are the Jewel of Bless and the Jewel of Soul - precious gems that fuel the enchantment process. Players must have a sufficient amount of these jewels when upgrading. Additionally, they will need Zen, the in-game currency, as a cost for each upgrade attempt. And lastly the Jewel of Chaos.

Depending on the level of your item you will need different amount of resource in order to trigger the Chaos Combination. For example if your Item Level is +9, you will need the required materials from Row 1 (+10) of the following table:

Item Level MixJewel of BlessJewel of SoulZenSuccess Rate (+ Luck)
+10112,000,00065% (85%)
+11224,000,00060% (80%)
+12336,000,00055% (75%)
+13447,000,00050% (70%)
+145510,000,00045% (65%)
+156612,000,00040% (60%)

If the combination fails the item will be gone forever.

The Chaos Machine

Once the materials are in hand, players can begin the upgrade process. They must locate the Chaos Machine, which can be found in Noria and Yoskreth.

Interact with the Chaos Goblin and follow the prompts to proceed with your combination.

Chaos Goblin

The Chaos Goblin