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Condor Feather

Deep within the mystical realm of Mu Online, among the pivotal elements required to fashion the resplendent 3rd Level Wings, lies the illustrious Condor Feather. Revered as a sacred artifact, this extraordinary plume possesses a profound significance, serving as a crucial ingredient that infuses the wings with unparalleled strength and grace. Within this immersive guide, we shall illuminate the essence of this mystical plume, unveiling its hidden enchantments and the transformative potential it holds, as it weaves its ethereal essence into the very fabric of these mighty wings, elevating both their aesthetic allure and empowering those who wield them with extraordinary abilities beyond imagination.


This item is one of the main ingredients in the 3rd Level Wings Chaos Combination.


Before you can combine the Feather, you need to ensure that you have the necessary ingredients:

Condor Feather Mix

Condor Feather Mix


The success rate for this Chaos Combination is 70%.

The Chaos Machine

Once you have acquired the Jewel of Chaos and the required items, locate the Chaos Machine within the game world. You can find him in Noria and Yoskreth.

Interact with the Chaos Goblin and follow the prompts to proceed with your combination.

Chaos Goblin

The Chaos Goblin


After a successful combination the player will be granted the Condor Feather.

Condor Feather

Condor Feather