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4th Level Wings

In this guide, our aim is to shed light upon the intricate process of the 4th Level Wings, unveiling the untapped potential eagerly waiting to bestow even greater power upon those who dare to venture deeper into this realm of limitless possibilities.


Before you can combine the Wings, you need to ensure that you have the necessary ingredients:


The success rate for this Chaos Combination is 80%.

The Chaos Machine

Once you have acquired the Jewel of Chaos and the required items, locate the Chaos Machine within the game world. You can find him in Noria and Yoskreth.

Interact with the Chaos Goblin and follow the prompts to proceed with your combination.

Chaos Goblin

The Chaos Goblin


A successful combination will reward you with 4th Level Wings. You will get Wings of Avatar, Wings of Heavenly, Wings of Orb, Wings of Fall or the Cloak of Control.

Wings of AvatarWings of HeavenlyWings of Orb
Wings of AvatarWings of HeavenlyWings of Orb
Wings of FallCloak of Control
Wings of RuinCloak of Control

Be aware that the type of 4th Level Wings obtained is dependant on the 3rd Level Wings you put in the mix.

Meaning that if you put Wings of Storm you will receive Wings of Avatar if your mix succeeds.