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King of Yoskreth

King of Yoskreth is an epic combat event that pits guilds against each other in a fierce battle for supremacy. This thrilling event places great importance on individual and guild performance, but the most important objective is holding the tomb at the event's conclusion.

How to Participate

To take part in the King of Yoskreth Event, follow these steps:

  1. Stay vigilant for system notices indicating the commencement of the event.

    System Notice

    System Notice

  2. Move to The Citadel.

  3. A System Notice will mark the beginning of the Event.

    King of Yoskreth Event


The event lasts for 10 minutes.


Once the event starts, the priority is to seize the tomb. You can do this by going to a specific place (show in the picture below) in the battle arena an typing the following command: /king.

Seizing the Tomb

When you take the tomb a System Notice will notify the server that indeed your guild now holds the Tomb.


You can move your character freely and do whatever you like, but beware that someone else might occupy the Tomb during this time. The strategy on how to keep the tomb to yourself, we leave to you.

Victory and Rewards

The result of the King of Yoskreth event is determined by whoever guild possesses the Tomb at its conclusion.

Guild Rewards

Each player on the winning guild will receive the following well-deserved reward for their contribution:

Individual Rewards

During the event additional rankigs are being held:

  1. Tomb Holder - the character that "locks" the Tomb for the longest period during the event instance will be rewarded with:

  2. Battle Points - during the event instance the most active players will gain Battle Points. Using those Battle Points a individual ranking is being made.


    The Top 5 players ranked by their Battle Points will receive the followings rewards:


In this grand event, alliances are forged, rivalries are intensified, and only one guild can claim the Tomb as the undisputed King of Yoskreth. Will your guild rise to the occasion and seize the ultimate prize in this monumental battle for dominance?