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Quest System

Lotus Mu offers a captivating array of consecutive quests that not only add variety to the gameplay but also reward players with a plethora of prizes upon successful completion.

Our Primary Quests have been meticulously crafted to align with the growth and advancement of your hero. This means that you'll start off by slaying Spiders, then progress to Budge Dragons, and so forth, until you find yourself facing off against the most formidable creatures in the realm.

Each completed quest bestows upon the player a reward, ensuring that they are well-equipped for their journey ahead. These valuable rewards will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable assets in the long run, bolstering the player's capabilities and enhancing their chances of success.

  • We strongly advise all players to begin their quests immediately after creating their first character.

  • Quests also give a lot of Points to boost your character's power.

  • Check the quest list below for details.

Quest Window

As you join in the Lotus Mu realm you will see a white arrow in the middle right of your screen. When you press this arrow, the Quest Window will pop.

Open/Close Quest Window

Open/Close Quest Window

Once the Quest Window is opened you will be able to see what are the Requisites needed to complete your quest. If you want to check what your reward will be after completing the quest, just click on the Reward button.


Beware that you need to manually finish your quest.

To accomplish this, all you need to do is click on the Get Reward button.

Quest Window

Quest Window

Quest Pavilion

Introducing the Quest Pavilion - a rewarding feature in Lotus Mu that recognizes your quest achievements by granting stars

These stars can be exchanged for valuable rewards, enhancing your gameplay experience. Dive into quests, earn stars, and unlock exciting possibilities in the Quest Pavilion.

Quest List

The following table represents all the quests in Lotus Mu.

  • The total Stat Points earned from all quests is 21,135.

  • The combined quest points amount to 17,985.

No.Monster NameQty.Monster LocationItem RewardStat PointsQuest Points
1Spider5LorenciaStar of the Sacred Birth
2Budge Dragon5Lorencia1kk Zen
3Bull Fighter5LorenciaStar of the Sacred Birth5
4Hound5LorenciaStar of the Sacred Birth5
5Elite Bull Fighter5LorenciaStar of the Sacred Birth
6Lich5LorenciaStar of the Sacred Birth
7Skeleton5Lorencia2kk Zen5
8Giant1Lorencia(24,44)Heart of love5
9Goblin5NoriaStar of the Sacred Birth
10Chain Scorpion5NoriaJewel of Chaos
11Elite Goblin5Noria3kk Zen5
12Beetle Monster5NoriaStar of the Sacred Birth5
13Hunter5NoriaJewel of Soul
14Forest Monster5Noria4kk Zen
15Agon5NoriaHeart of love5
16Stone Golem1Noria(230,20)Silver Medal10
17Worm20DeviasJewel of Chaos5
18Ice Monster5DeviasHeart of love10
19Hommerd25Devias5kk Zen
20Assassin5DeviasJewel of Bless10
21Yeti30DeviasHeart of love
22Elite Yeti35Devias6kk Zen5
23Ice Queen1Devias(45,205)Reward by Class - Skills15
24Cyclops40DungeonHeart of love
25Chief Skeleton Warrior45DungeonJewel of Chaos5
26Thunder Lich50Dungeon7kk Zen10
27Poison Bull Fighter55DungeonHeart of love
28Dark Knight60DungeonJewel of Bless5
29Larva10DungeonSilver Medal15
30N'aix70Dungeon 210kk Zen
31Vexseeker80Dungeon 2Jewel of Soul15
32Hunchback90Dungeon 2Silver Medal5
33Infernaltaur100Dungeon 2Jewel of Chaos
34Talos110Dungeon 215kk Zen5
35Scorpicore1Dungeon 2(217,27)Box of Kundun+120
36Bahamut120AtlansRed Ribbon Box
37Vepar130AtlansSilver Medal5
38Valkyrie40Atlans20kk Zen20
39Siren80AtlansRed Ribbon Box
40Ghost10DungeonSilver Medal25
41Shadow140LostTower25kk Zen5
42Poison Shadow140LostTowerJewel of Life
43Skeleton Archer10DungeonGold medal25
44Cursed Wizard150LostTower3Red Ribbon Box5
45Death Cow160LostTower330kk Zen
46Hell Spider10DungeonGold medal25
47Devil170LostTower5Red Ribbon Box10
48Death Knight180LostTower6Gold medal
49Gorgon3Dungeon(70,170)30kk Zen50
50Death Gorgon190LostTower7Jewel of Creation10
51Balrog5LostTower7(40,175)Box of Kundun+275
52Cerberus5Dungeon2(70,12)40kk Zen30
53Great Bahamut200Atlans2Red Ribbon Box10
54Tormented5Dungeon2(240,130)Gold medal30
55Silver Valkyrie50Atlans340kk Zen10
56Black Widow5Dungeon2(10,170)Navy Candy Box30
57Lizard King150Atlans3(30,210)Jewel of Chaos10
58Sealithan120Atlans3(170,140)Red Ribbon Box10
59Pudge5Dungeon2(180,240)40kk Zen40
60Hydra3Atlans3(30,230)Reward by Class - Weapons100
61Mutant210TarkanJewel of Soul20
62The Mummy3Dungeon2(240,230)Orange Candy Box100
63Blood Wolf220TarkanRed Ribbon Box20
64Pouch of Blessing1Lorencia,Noria,Devias50kk Zen40
65Iron Wheel230TarkanJewel of Bless20
66Larva20DungeonRed Ribbon Box20
67Pouch of Blessing1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasNavy Candy Box40
68Tantalos240Tarkan250kk Zen20
69Ghost20DungeonBox of Luck20
70Golden Budge Dragon1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasBox of Kundun+240
71Beam Knight250Tarkan250kk Zen20
72Water Monster10IcewrackLoch's Feather50
73Pouch of Blessing1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasCrest of Monarch20
74Aegis10Kalima150kk Zen40
75Death Beam Knight5Tarkan2(30,220)Pink Chocolate Box150
76Paraka10Icewrack50kk Zen30
77Bali1Icewrack,AshkavorBundle Jewel of Soul 1040
78Alquamus260IcarusBox of Kundun+230
79Vasuki10Icewrack50kk Zen30
80Omega Wing1Icewrack,AshkavorRed Ribbon Box50
81Pouch of Blessing2Lorencia,Noria,DeviasLoch's Feather50
82Queen Rainier275Icarus60kk Zen30
83Bass10IcewrackCrest of Monarch30
84Rogue Centurion20Kalima160kk Zen30
85Golden Budge Dragon1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasOrange Candy Box50
86Mega Crust290IcarusLilac Candy Box30
87Chenoo10Icewrack60kk Zen30
88Soldier1Icewrack,AshkavorBox of Kundun+350
89Golden Rabbit1Icewrack,Ashkavor100kk Zen50
90Drakan305IcarusNavy Candy Box40
91Ice Golem10IcewrackOrange Candy Box40
92Pouch of Blessing2Lorencia,Noria,Devias60kk Zen50
93Blood Soldier30Kalima1Bundle Jewel of Bless 1040
94Alpha Crust320Icarus60kk Zen40
95Dragon1Lorencia,Noria,Devias60kk Zen100
96Bali3Icewrack,AshkavorBox of Kundun+350
97Death Angel40Kalima1Red Ribbon Box40
98Phantom Knight335IcarusLilac Candy Box40
99Golden Budge Dragon2Lorencia,Noria,DeviasOrange Candy Box60
100Soldier3Icewrack,Ashkavor60kk Zen60
101Necron50Kalima1Bundle Jewel of Chaos 1040
102Great Drakan350IcarusRed Ribbon Box40
103Golden Goblin1Lorencia,Noria,Devias60kk Zen150
104Golden Budge Dragon3Lorencia,Noria,DeviasBlood Castle Ticket75
105Death Centurion60Kalima160kk Zen50
106Phoenix of Darkness5Icarus(40,220)Purple Chaos Box200
107Hero Mutant1Icewrack,AshkavorDevil Square Ticket75
108Pouch of Blessing3Lorencia,Noria,Devias70kk Zen75
109Schriker70Kalima170kk Zen50
110Haven Archangel1Icarus(40,220)Box of Kundun+5250
111Death Tree360Aida70kk Zen50
112Axl Hero1Icewrack,AshkavorRed Ribbon Box90
113Golden Rabbit2Icewrack,AshkavorLoch's Feather50
114Aegis80Kalima270kk Zen90
115Forest Orc380AidaCrest of Monarch60
116Pouch of Blessing3Lorencia,Noria,Devias70kk Zen90
117Dragon1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasOrange Candy Box60
118Rogue Centurion80Kalima2Lilac Candy Box90
119Death Rider400Aida70kk Zen60
120Bali4Icewrack,AshkavorBox of Kundun+390
121Golden Budge Dragon2Lorencia,Noria,DeviasNavy Candy Box60
122Blood Soldier80Kalima270kk Zen90
123Blue Golem420Aida270kk Zen60
124Lunar Rabbit1Icewrack,AshkavorOrange Candy Box100
125Pouch of Blessing4Lorencia,Noria,DeviasBundle Jewel of Bless 10100
126Witch Queen10Aida2(135,90)70kk Zen70
127Death Angel80Kalima2Box of Kundun+470
128Bali5Icewrack,Ashkavor70kk Zen100
129Bloody Orc460Aida2Red Ribbon Box70
130Necron80Kalima2Lilac Candy Box100
131Soldier5Icewrack,Ashkavor70kk Zen70
132Golden Rabbit3Icewrack,AshkavorOrange Candy Box100
133Bloody Death Rider480Aida2Bundle Jewel of Chaos 1070
134Dragon3Lorencia,Noria,Devias70kk Zen100
135Hero Mutant1Icewrack,Ashkavor70kk Zen100
136Schriker80Kalima2Red Ribbon Box80
137Bloody Golem30Aida(135,195)70kk Zen80
138Omega Wing1Icewrack,AshkavorBlood Castle Ticket110
139Golden Budge Dragon3Lorencia,Noria,Devias70kk Zen110
140Bloody Witch Queen520Aida2Purple Chaos Box80
141Axl Hero1Icewrack,AshkavorDevil Square Ticket110
142Pouch of Blessing5Lorencia,Noria,Devias80kk Zen80
143Hell Maine1Aida2(40,50)150kk Zen300
144Dragon2Lorencia,Noria,DeviasBox of Kundun+5110
145Splinter Wolf540Kanturu80kk Zen80
146Fire Flame Ghost1Icewrack,Ashkavor80kk Zen110
147Hammer Scout50CrywolfOrange Candy Box80
148Berserker Warrior50Kanturu380kk Zen80
149Chaos Castle 61Chaos Castle 6Purple Chaos Box110
150Iron Rider560Kanturu80kk Zen80
151Golden Crust1Icewrack,AshkavorLilac Candy Box110
152Lance Scout50Crywolf80kk Zen90
153Kentauros Warrior50Kanturu3Pink Chocolate Box90
154BC7 Warrior5Blood Castle 7100kk Zen120
155Satyros580KanturuOrange Candy Box90
156Golden Napin1Icewrack,Ashkavor80kk Zen120
157Bow Scout50CrywolfPurple Chaos Box90
158Gigantis Warrior50Kanturu380kk Zen90
159Hero Mutant1Icewrack,Ashkavor110kk Zen120
160Blade Hunter600KanturuPink Chocolate Box90
161Golden Stone Golem1Icewrack,Ashkavor80kk Zen120
162Werewolf50Crywolf80kk Zen90
163Genocider Warrior50Kanturu3Purple Chaos Box90
164BC7 Archer5Blood Castle 7120kk Zen120
165Satyros620Kanturu280kk Zen100
166Omega Wing2Icewrack,AshkavorOrange Candy Box120
167Scout(Hero)50Crywolf80kk Zen100
168Balram(Trainee Soldier)20BalgassPink Chocolate Box100
169Golden Goblin2Lorencia,Noria,Devias130kk Zen120
170Blade Hunter640Kanturu280kk Zen100
171Bali5Icewrack,AshkavorOrange Candy Box120
172Werewolf(Hero)50Crywolf80kk Zen100
173Death Spirit(Trainee Soldier)20Balgass80kk Zen100
174BC7 Soldier5Blood Castle 7Red Chaos Box120
175Kentauros660Kanturu280kk Zen100
176Soldier5Icewrack,Ashkavor80kk Zen130
177Balram50CrywolfOrange Candy Box110
178Soram(Trainee Soldier)20Balgass80kk Zen110
179Golden Soldier1Devias140kk Zen130
180Gigantis680Kanturu2Purple Chaos Box110
181Golden Budge Dragon3Lorencia,Noria,Devias90kk Zen130
182Soram50CrywolfBox of Kundun+5110
183Pouch of Blessing3Lorencia,Noria,Devias90kk Zen130
184Genocider700Kanturu290kk Zen110
185Golden Napin1Icewrack,AshkavorPink Chocolate Box130
186Berserker10Kanturu290kk Zen110
187Persona720Kanturu RelicsOrange Candy Box110
188Forest Queen10Ashkavor90kk Zen140110
189Aegis70Kalima390kk Zen110
190Dragon3Lorencia,Noria,DeviasBox of Kundun+5140
191Twin Tale740Kanturu Relics90kk Zen120
192Snake10AshkavorPurple Chaos Box120
193Rogue Centurion70Kalima390kk Zen120
194Golden Titan1Devias160kk Zen350
195Dreadfear760Kanturu RelicsPurple Chaos Box120
196Strange Rabbit10Ashkavor90kk Zen120
197Blood Soldier70Kalima390kk Zen140120
198Destructive Ogre Soldier1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasBundle Jewel of Bless 20140
199Venomous Chain Scorpion780Karutan90kk Zen130
200Polluted Butterfly10AshkavorPink Chocolate Box130
201Death Angel70Kalima390kk Zen130
202Zaikan1TarkanBundle Jewel of Soul 20140
203Bone Scorpion800Karutan90kk Zen130
204Totem Golem10Ashkavor90kk Zen130
205Necron70Kalima3Red Chaos Box130
206Dragon3Lorencia,Noria,Devias100kk Zen140
207Orcus820Karutan100kk Zen130
208Swamp Wizard10AshkavorPurple Chaos Box130
209Death Centurion70Kalima3100kk Zen130
210Destructive Ogre Archer1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasBox of Kundun+5140
211Gollock840Karutan100kk Zen140
212Wooden Beast10Ashkavor100kk Zen140
213Schriker70Kalima3100kk Zen140
214Omega Wing1Icewrack,AshkavorPurple Chaos Box140
215Crypta860Karutan100kk Zen140
216Mutantile10AshkavorRed Chaos Box140
217Axl Hero1Icewrack,Ashkavor100kk Zen150
218Crypos880KarutanPurple Chaos Box140
219BC7 Ogre5Blood Castle 7100kk Zen150
220Golden Derkon1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasGreen Ribbon Box400
221Condra900Karutan2110kk Zen140
222Aegis70Kalima4110kk Zen140
223BC7 Knight5Blood Castle 7Bundle Jewel of Bless 20150
224White Wizard1Lorencia,Noria,DeviasPurple Chaos Box200
225Narcondra950Karutan2110kk Zen140
226Rogue Centurion70Kalima4110kk Zen140
227Chaos Castle 61Chaos Castle 6Bundle Jewel of Soul 20150
228Golden Vepar1AtlansRed Chaos Box150
229Elite Yeti1000Devias120kk Zen150
230Blood Soldier70Kalima4120kk Zen150
231Sapi-Unus150Swamp of PeaceBundle Jewel of Life 10150
232Golden Lizard King1AtlansGreen Ribbon Box450
233Cyclops1100Dungeon120kk Zen150
234Death Angel70Kalima4120kk Zen150
235Sapi-Duo160Swamp of PeaceBundle Jewel of Creation 10150
236Golden Wheel1TarkanRed Chaos Box160
237Bahamut1200Atlans130kk Zen150
238Necron70Kalima4130kk Zen150
239Magic Skeleton5Blood Castle 7Bundle Jewel of Bless 20160
240Golden Tantalos1TarkanPurple Chaos Box500
241Shadow1300LostTower130kk Zen160
242Death Centurion70Kalima4130kk Zen160
243Sapi-Tres170Swamp of PeaceBundle Jewel of Soul 20160
244Golden Budge Dragon3Lorencia,Noria,DeviasGreen Ribbon Box160
245Cursed Wizard1400LostTower 3140kk Zen160
246Schriker70Kalima4140kk Zen160
247Shadow Pawn180Swamp of PeaceBundle Jewel of Life 20160
248Pouch of Blessing5Lorencia,Noria,DeviasPurple Chaos Box160
249Death Gorgon1500LostTower 7140kk Zen160
250Aegis70Kalima5140kk Zen160
251Chaos Castle 63Chaos Castle 6Bundle Jewel of Creation 20160
252Maya Hand1Kanturu EventGreen Ribbon Box300
253Mutant1600Tarkan150kk Zen170
254Rogue Centurion70Kalima5150kk Zen170
255Shadow Knight190Swamp of PeaceRed Chaos Box170
256Golden Iron Knight1KanturuPurple Chaos Box550
257Tantalos1700Tarkan2150kk Zen170
258Blood Soldier70Kalima5150kk Zen170
259Shadow Look200Swamp of PeaceGreen Ribbon Box170
260Golden Twin Tail1Kanturu RelicsBlue Ribbon Box600
261Alquamus1800Icarus160kk Zen170
262Death Angel70Kalima5160kk Zen170
263Thunder Napin210Swamp of PeaceRed Chaos Box170
264Great Golden Dragon1LaCleonPurple Chaos Box650
265Sapi Queen200Swamp of Peace160kk Zen170
266Necron70Kalima5160kk Zen170
267Ghost Napin210Swamp of PeaceGreen Ribbon Box170
268Death King1The CitadelBlue Ribbon Box550
269Ice Napin220Swamp of Peace170kk Zen180
270Death Centurion70Kalima5170kk Zen180
271Blaze Napin220Swamp of PeaceRed Chaos Box180
272Maya Hand1Kanturu EventBlue Chocolate Box300
273Shadow Master240Swamp of Peace170kk Zen180
274Schriker70Kalima5170kk Zen180
275Ice Giant250LaCleonGreen Ribbon Box180
276Dragon5Lorencia,Noria,DeviasGolden Box170
277Ice Walker260LaCleon180kk Zen180
278Aegis70Kalima6180kk Zen180
279BC7 Magic Skeleton500Blood Castle 7Blue Chocolate Box180
280Dark Elf1CryWolf EventBlue Ribbon Box400
281Giant Mammoth280LaCleon180kk Zen190
282Rogue Centurion70Kalima6180kk Zen190
283Chaos Castle 65Chaos Castle 6Green Ribbon Box170
284Minotaur1The CitadelGolden Box700
285Death Tree2000Aida190kk Zen190
286Blood Soldier70Kalima6190kk Zen190
287Coolutin300LaCleonBlue Chocolate Box190
288Nightmare1Kanturu EventBlue Ribbon Box750
289Blue Golem2200Aida2190kk Zen200
290Death Angel70Kalima6190kk Zen200
291BC7 Magic Skeleton700Blood Castle 7Golden Box200
292Erohim1The CitadelGolden Box800
293Splinter Wolf2400Kanturu200kk Zen200
294Necron70Kalima6200kk Zen200
295Iron Knight320LaCleonBlue Chocolate Box200
296Medusa1The CitadelBlue Ribbon Box850
297Persona2600Kanturu Relics200kk Zen200
298Death Centurion70Kalima6200kk Zen200
299Chaos Castle 610Chaos Castle 6Blue Chocolate Box170
300Balgass1CryWolf EventGolden Box900
301Venomous Chain Scorpion2800Karutan210kk Zen210
302Schriker70Kalima6210kk Zen210
303Dark Mammoth340LaCleonBlue Chocolate Box210
304Illusion of Kundun1Kalima6Blue Ribbon Box200
305Narcondra3000Karutan2210kk Zen210
306Dark Giant360LaCleonGolden Box210
307Dark Iron Knight380LaCleon210kk Zen210
308Selupan1LaCleon HatcheryGolden Box1000
309Kundun1The CitadelGolden Box1000