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Jewel of Chaos

The Jewel of Chaos, characterized by its distinctive hexagonal shape in a vibrant yellow or golden color, is a fundamental and widely encountered jewel in Mu Online. It plays a crucial role in chaos combinations, adding an element of unpredictability to item synthesis.

Jewel of Chaos

Jewel of Chaos

To obtain the Jewel of Chaos, adventurers can embark on hunting expeditions targeting monsters. These formidable foes hold the potential to drop this coveted jewel, allowing players to acquire it through their victories in combat.


Alternatively, in the realm of Lotus Mu, the game administration has introduced the option to acquire the Jewel of Chaos or Jewel of Chaos Bundles by completing quests.

Jewel of Chaos Bundle 10 Jewel of Chaos Bundle 20 Jewel of Chaos Bundle 30

Jewel of Chaos Bundles