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Senior Mix

In the world of Mu Online, only the mightiest warriors get to the point of controlling the Castle. This comes with great benefits, all of which you can check on the article about Castle Siege.

One of those benefits is the Senior Mix. In exchange for precious jewels found in the cruel world the Senior offers something extraordinary - the Golden Box which hides unimaginable treasures.


The Senior Mix can be held only by the Castle Lord.


To utilize the Senior Mix, players must first gather the necessary components.

30 Bundled Jewels of Bless30 Bundled Jewels of SoulJewels of Guardian - x30Golden Box
Jewel of Bless BundlePlusJewel of Soul BundlePlusJewel of GuardianEqualsGolden Box

Senior Mix Ingredients

In addition to all the ingredients, the Castle Lord will need to have 1,000,000,000 Zen in order to initiate the Senior Mix.

Senior Mix

Senior Mix


The success rate for the Senior Mix is 100%.

Detailed information on what items you can yield by using the Senior Mix you can find in the Golden Box article.

The Senior

The Senior is NPC located in the Throne Room of the Castle of Valley of Loren at coordinates (179, 214).

Interact with the Senior to proceed with your combination.